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Port McNeill

Come for the lifestyle, stay for the community.

Nestled on the northeastern coast of Vancouver Island 30 minutes south of Port Hardy, Port McNeill is a picturesque town known for its exceptional opportunities for hiking, biking, ocean activities and community engagement. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, the town offers various outdoor opportunities through old growth forests and along coastal scenery. There is a strong sense of community in Port McNeill, with a variety of events, fairs and gatherings that foster connections among residents and visitors.


What our staff says about
Port McNeill

20230214_Geo 1_Courtney RN_Port McNeill Hospital_AMS_0330 (3).jpg
"I work very closely with other professionals in a very supportive and collaborative way. Every professional is respected in their opinions in the planning to discharge patients. Because of this, we find the patient care is more seamless and can result in patients spending less time in the hospitals."

Courtenay, RN 

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